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Mod Fab Group has partnered with several artists that bring their own unique talent and interpretation of Mid-Century art.
Josh Agle, commonly known as the artist "Shag", has partnered with Mod Fab Group to create "objects" from his paintings and prints. We bring to life, and create actual 3D objects that Shag includes in his work. From the 5 foot tall, limited edition "Phaedra" sculpture, or Shag's popular "skull" design tiki torch, (appropriately named "SKORCH", ) Mod Fab and Shag will continue to create unique objects, inspired by Shag's one of a kind creativity and style, and bring to life actual objects from the world of "Shag".
Michelle Bickford brings a unique and exciting way of capturing and creating incredible Mid-Century inspired artwork. She is well known for her popular "city scape" paintings, blending 2D painting with 3D accents. We have been told she creates the work fans of modernist and contemporary art search for from years past. Her flair for creating classic, Mid-Century modernist feel with her own twist makes her art unique and offers wide-spread appeal, collected by both Mid-Century enthusiasts as well as those looking for traditional contemporary work. Michelle is also involved with the design aspect of our furniture offerings, and has designed the panel that serves as the focal point of Mod Fab Groups' incredible, Artscape Room Divider.
Lanse Priebe adds wonderful interpretations of Mod Fab's, "Josh Agle Objects" through the use of tile mosaics. Lanse brings his past partnership with Shag to Mod Fab Group, recreating Shag's work as Mid-Century inspired mosaic tile work. These pieces are spectacular, and require incredible amounts of detailed work. They flawlessly represent Shag's work in a classic medium, and can be used as both tables and wall art.